VictorianSASH triple glazed sash look alike window


Our VictorianSASH triple glazed wooden window has been designed to replace traditional sliding box sash windows. The sash window replacement resembles the authenticity of the appearance with the heritage and elegance of the classic sliding sash window, but with great airtightness and thermal performance.

Fixed top sash and tilt & turn bottom window sash combines the latest technology, high security and performance with the period features of a traditional sash timber window.


VictorianSASH is an excellent solution for EnerPHit retrofit projects.






" When the windows arrived, we were amazed by both their appearance and the workmanship. We were delighted! No one seeing the house from the front can even tell they are modern windows, but we can, as the house is now warm and draught-free. "  /Juliet and Ray/

"These windows enabled us to maintain the appearance of this fine old house while carrying out a pragmatic retrofit within a limited budget, alongside an ambitious extension to give the clients more living space. The cost of these windows was a pleasant surprise to the builder and the appearance was a pleasant surprise to the planning officer."  /Architect Phil Bixby/





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triple glazed sash look alike window VictorianSASH Eksalta eksalta windows and doors double and triple glazed windows

VictorianSASH triple glazed sash look alike window

VictorianSASH triple glazed

sash look alike window

  • -  TIMBER  -


    Engineered timber is made from short pieces of wood  joint, glued, compressed and laminated together to form longer length timber  without knots, splits and stains.

    This solution makes engineered timber stronger and more less likely to warp or twist in wet and humid conditions compared to solid timber.



    Main and most used softwood for our windows and doors. We are using  slow growing pine from Nordic forests. Pine is soft, has medium density and  is easy to work with. Knots are tightly fixed in the timber and are small in size. Being less expensive than hardwood, pine is often the choice of timber when considering your budget.


    Main hardwood used for  our windows and doors.  Oak is  the most popular hardwood, naturally beautiful,  heavy, durable and strong.


    Accoya is a high performance wood made through non-toxic acetylation process of sustainably sourced softwood. The natural beauty of the wood is not compromised during this process. Accoya wood  is exceptionally durable, dimensionally stable  and naturally renewable .  Its properties  match or even exceed those of best tropical  hardwood.

  • -  FINISH  -

    TEKNOS is a global coatings company which offers a wide range of paints and coatings for the manufacturing industry, building professionals and consumers.


    Teknos coatings help to control the inherent properties of different timbers. They minimise discolouration, maximise durability and protect against problems such as blue stain and mould.


    Whatever the combination of timber species, colour application method, Teknos  have a system that enables to create a lasting and attractive finish. In addition to traditional joinery they also offer coatings for composite wood and aluminium wood windows and doors. Developed to target key requirements of manufacturers, Teknos use quality binders which keep yellowing and discolouration to a minimum - a key consideration for white or translucent finishes.


  • -  GLAZING  -


    The glass types available are extensive to suit the needs and requirements of your project.


    LOW-E  GLASS  is specially treated with a microscopically thin, virtually  invisible transparent coating on one surface. The coating reflects heat back into the building, thereby reducing the heat loss through the  window.  This  glass is used  as a standard in all  our windows and doors.


    TOUGHENED SAFETY GLASS is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Toughened glass is used where strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important.


    LAMINATED GLASS   is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. It provides even greater security levels that toughened glass,  offers better levels of sound reduction and thermal insulation.


    ACOUSTIC GLASS  considerably reduces external noises, especially near busy areas such as motorways, main roads , railways and airports.


    OBSCURE GLASS  available in various patterns to suit all locations and personal taste. Some examples below:

  • -  GLAZING BARS  -

  • -  HANDLES -


  • -  HARDWARE  -


    ROTO hardware system is based on a proven concept which, thanks to a very wide range of accessories, covers practically all the customers’ needs and meets individual demands for making day-to-day living more pleasant.

    ROTO  hardware boasts a high level of basic security even in the basic version and so provides greater burglary protection right from the outset.

  • -  SEALANTS  -


    Specifically designed for timber windows and entry doors, SCHEGEL QL foam seal combine the best thermal performance along with good soundproofing properties across a wide temperature range. Very low operating forces reduce wear and tear and give ease of operation.


    Schlegel seals are manufactured to meet the requirements of British standards and have 10 year guarantee.

  • -  TECHNICAL  -

    Please get in touch with us about a technical specifications of the